22 July 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Vasa vs Maltese Cross

This contest pairs up two tiaras full of symbolism...

ERLEND AAS/AFP via Getty Images, Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

The Vasa Tiara vs. The Maltese Cross Circlet

ERLEND AAS/AFP via Getty Images

This small but dazzling diamond tiara was a wedding gift from the city of Stockholm to Princess Martha of Sweden on her marriage to the future King Olav V of Norway in 1929. The tiara's name comes from Martha's royal heritage from the old Vasa dynasty of Sweden. The tiara was subsequently worn by both of the current king's sisters. It belongs to Princess Astrid, who has indicated that it will remain with the royal family after her eventual death -- hopefully a very long time from now!

Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

This rather unusual royal tiara began its life in Britain, where it was made for Queen Alexandra as a lighter alternative to the George IV State Diadem. She bequeathed the circlet (which originally also had a set of fleur-de-lis ornaments) to her daughter, Queen Maud of Norway, who wore it regularly. Today, it's worn by Queen Sonja of Norway, though it is rare to see her wear it with the Maltese crosses -- she more frequently wears just the bandeau base.

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