17 July 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Edwardian vs Alexandrine Fringe

Two antique tiaras are featured in today's first contest...

SISSE STROYER/AFP via Getty Images, KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary's Edwardian Tiara vs. The Alexandrine Fringe Tiara

SISSE STROYER/AFP via Getty Images

This tiara came into the Danish vaults in a most delightful way: Crown Princess Mary bought it herself! She reportedly purchased the Edwardian-era convertible necklace/tiara from a Danish auction house. The tiara, made of gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, and spinels, has become one of her favorites in the years since. She's even had a pair of coordinating earrings made to go with it!

KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images

This classic diamond fringe tiara has major imperial roots. It was a wedding gift from Tsar Alexander II of Russia to his niece, Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna, in 1879. It was later inherited by her daughter, Queen Alexandrine of Denmark, who passed it along to her son, Hereditary Prince Knud. Today, it's worn by one of Knud's daughters-in-law, Countess Sussie of Rosenborg. Modern-day Danes have another unusual cultural association with the sparkler, though: a brand of Danish sardines features a portrait of Queen Alexandrine wearing the tiara on each tin!

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