14 July 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Alexandrine Diamond Drop vs Thyra's Sapphire

This contest pairs up glittering diamonds with superb sapphires...

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Patrick van Katwijk/DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy

The Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara vs. Princess Thyra's Sapphire Tiara

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This delicate diamond drop tiara originally belonged to Queen Alexandrine of Denmark. It was later given to Queen Margrethe II, her granddaughter, as an eighteenth-birthday present. She wore the tiara for years before passing it along to her daughter-in-law, Alexandra. Although Countess Alexandra is no longer a royal princess, she still retains the tiara -- and will likely earmark it for the use of her own daughters-in-law one day in the future.

Patrick van Katwijk/DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy

This diamond and sapphire tiara was likely made at the turn of the twentieth century, either for Princess Thyra of Denmark or her mother, Queen Lovisa. Princess Thyra bequeathed the sparkler to her niece, Princess Caroline Mathilde, who in turn passed the tiara to her daughter, Princess Elisabeth. We haven't seen this one since Princess Elisabeth's death in 2018, though many hope it remains with some branch of the Danish royal family today.

A glittering necklace is coming your way next, and then more tiaras tomorrow!