25 May 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Williamson Pink Diamond vs Brazilian Aquamarine

Will pink or blue triumph in this morning's contest?

Cole Bennetts/Getty Images, Backgrid/Alamy

The Williamson Pink Diamond Brooch vs. The Brazilian Aquamarine Brooch


This classic diamond flower brooch features one of the rarest flawless pink diamonds in the world, given to the Queen as a wedding present by a Canadian gemologist in 1947. Cartier finished the surrounding brooch during the coronation year of 1953, and the Queen has been wearing the spectacular piece regularly ever since. She's selected it for important portraits, major diplomatic visits, and two of her children's weddings.


The Queen's magnificent parure of Brazilian aquamarines includes this vibrant blue aquamarine brooch. The Queen usually wears it separately from the rest of the suite, as she did at Royal Ascot in 2012, and for a service of celebration at Westminster Abbey to mark the 60th anniversary of her coronation in June 2013.

More brooches coming your way later today!