21 May 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Graving Dock Diamond vs Crown Ruby

Will it be dazzling diamonds or radiant rubies?

Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images, Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The Graving Dock Diamond Brooch vs. The Crown Ruby Brooch

Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images

In the spring of 1947, the then-Princess Elizabeth was presented with five diamonds when she opened the new Graving Dock in East London, South Africa. The five diamonds, which include two distinctive half-moon shaped stones, were later set in this classic brooch. The Queen has been wearing it with increasing regularity in recent years, often at events related to the Commonwealth.

BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

This classic brooch, part of a larger suite of ruby and diamond jewels, was purchased by Queen Victoria from Garrard in 1854. The piece was originally set with opals, which were later replaced with these bright red rubies. The brooch was designated as an heirloom of the crown by Queen Victoria. It was a beloved piece of the Queen Mother, who continued to use it until her death. The present Queen made her public debut in the brooch at Royal Ascot in 2015.

We've got a whole lot of sparkle coming your way in the next few days -- including the results of this week's brooch contests!