06 May 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Cullinan V vs Carrington Feather

A royal heirloom faces off against a whimsical feather in this brooch match-up...

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Cullinan V Brooch vs. The Carrington Feather Brooch

Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This magnificent diamond brooch features a distinctive heart-shaped diamond. That 18.8-carat stone, the Cullinan V, was one of the major diamonds that resulted from the cutting of the massive Cullinan Diamond. The stone is usually worn in this brooch setting, but was originally designed to be used in other jewels as well, including the Delhi Durbar stomacher and Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara. Queen Mary wore it in her coronet for her son's coronation in 1937, but today, it remains in its brooch setting, worn frequently by the Queen.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The gorgeous diamond and sapphire feather brooch was one of the wedding gifts received by the Queen in 1947, given to her by the firm that made it, Carrington. Rather than a deep royal blue, the sapphire is distinctly blue-violet in hue. The Queen has worn it regularly during the seven decades since she received it.

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