27 May 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Cambridge Pearl Pendant vs Cullinan VI and VIII

It's a battle of the pendants!

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images, screencapture

The Duchess of Cambridge's Pearl Pendant Brooch vs. The Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge who first owned this brooch wasn't Kate -- it was Queen Mary's grandmother, Princess Augusta. The classic nineteenth-century brooch was inherited by Mary from her mother, the Duchess of Teck, and in 1953, Mary bequeathed the brooch to the present Queen. It's been one of her very favorite pieces throughout her reign, worn both with and without its distinctive pearl pendant.

Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This dazzling brooch, which is extremely similar in design to the Cullinan V, features two stones cut from the famous diamond: the Cullinan VI, which is the marquise-shaped pendant, and the Cullinan VIII, which is set in the middle of the top portion of the brooch. This delicate brooch is worn more rarely than its Cullinan V counterpart, but the Queen occasionally brings it out for palace receptions.

We've got another brooch contest coming your way this afternoon!