21 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Australian Wattle vs Pearl Trefoil

Diamonds and pearls meet up in our first contest of the day...

DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images, KEVIN FRAYER/AFP via Getty Images

The Australian Wattle Brooch vs. The Pearl Trefoil Brooch


This eye-catching brooch, set with white and yellow diamonds, is designed to resemble the national flower of Australia, the wattle. Made by an Australian firm, it was given to the Queen during her grand Commonwealth tour in 1954. She's worn it regularly ever since, both at Aussie/Commonwealth events and more generally.

KEVIN FRAYER/AFP via Getty Images

We don't know when or where this classic piece was made, but we do know that its design is timeless. The piece features a trefoil of diamonds studded with pearls, with a large pearl cluster at its center. It's one of the Queen's favorites, worn regularly for a wide range of occasions over the past four decades, including holidays, royal tours, and Christmas broadcasts.

Stay tuned: our next brooch contest tips off in just a few hours!