23 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Queen Victoria's Bows vs Chelsea Iris

Antique bows face off against a modern flower in this afternoon's contest...

ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP via Getty Images, Julian Simmonds - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Queen Victoria's Diamond Bow Brooches vs. The Chelsea Iris Brooch


Queen Victoria had this trio of diamond bow brooches made in 1858 to replace pieces lost in the Hanoverian Claim. She designated the bows as heirlooms of the crown, and since then, they've been worn for coronations, Christmas broadcasts, and other important occasions.

Julian Simmonds - WPA Pool / Getty Images

This modern jewel is a new addition to the Queen's collection. The white gold and diamond brooch, which is shaped like an iris, was designed by Kristjan Eyjolfsson, an Icelandic jewelry designer who works in the UK. The piece was commissioned specifically for the Queen by the Royal Horticultural Society as a Diamond Jubilee gift. She often wears it for the annual Chelsea Flower Show.

We'll have our round one results for this portion of the bracket soon -- and some spectacular Scandinavian sparkle coming up in the meantime!