20 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Lover's Knot vs Diamond Clematis

Will it be diamond bows or flowers in this afternoon's contest?

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Chris Watt/Getty Images

Queen Mary's Lover's Knot Brooch vs. The Diamond Clematis Brooch

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This imposing diamond bow brooch, which is shaped like a true lover's knot, was acquired by Queen Mary from Garrard in 1932. She bequeathed it to the Queen in 1953, and since then, HM has worn it for a range of engagements, including formal daytime events and evening receptions and galas. It's also appeared at two royal weddings!

Chris Watt/Getty Images

This timeless brooch is shaped like a clematis flower, with all six petals encrusted in diamonds. The jewel has been in the Queen's collection since the 1940s, and she memorably wore it for her official engagement photos in 1947. It looks just as current now as it did seven decades ago.

Stay tuned -- we'll have another brooch contest tomorrow, following this evening's nightly necklace!