14 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Grima Ruby vs Diamond Wild Rose

It's time for our first play-in contest for our Tournament of Brooches! In this surprise match-up, two golden brooches compete for the #16 spot...

RICHARD POHLE/AFP via Getty Images, LEWIS WHYLD/AFP/Getty Images

The Grima Ruby Brooch vs. The Diamond Wild Rose Brooch

RICHARD POHLE/AFP via Getty Images

This unique brooch combines gold, diamonds, and carved rubies in an abstract scarab design. Made by Andrew Grima, the piece was a gift to the Queen from the Duke of Edinburgh in 1966. She's worn it regularly throughout her reign, including an important state visit appearance in Ireland and more than one Christmas broadcast outing.


This classic gold and diamond floral brooch has been in the Queen's jewelry box since at least the 1960s. It features a single wild rose in a surround of leaves, and it's been worn for garden parties, Commonwealth visits, and even a Christmas broadcast.

Our next surprise "play-in" contest will be revealed tomorrow morning!