28 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Queen Victoria's Diamond Fringe vs Diamond Daffodil

This morning's brooch match-up is a contest between antique and modern...

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images

Queen Victoria's Diamond Fringe Brooch vs. The Diamond Daffodil Brooch

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This diamond fringe brooch, which was once a part of a much larger corsage ornament, originally belonged to Queen Victoria. Made by Garrard in 1856, it features diamonds presented to Victoria by Sultan Abdul Mejid I of Turkey earlier the same year. The brooch was inherited personally by King Edward VII, and then it was passed as a personal jewel from Queen Alexandra to Queen Mary and then to the Queen Mother. The present Queen inherited the brooch in 2002, and she's worn it for both day and evening occasions since.


Many believe that this sweet diamond floral brooch may have been one of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee gifts. The piece features three yellow daffodil blossoms set on white diamond stems/leaves. The daffodil is one of the national symbols of Wales, and the Queen wore the brooch in a portrait commissioned by the Welsh Rugby Union.

More brooches are coming your way in a few hours!