21 April 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Cambridge Emerald Cluster vs Colombo Floral

Colorful gemstones abound in this afternoon's brooch contest!

Chris Ison - WPA Pool/Getty Images, Cole Bennetts/Getty Images

The Cambridge Emerald Cluster Brooch vs. The Colombo Floral Brooch

Chris Ison - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This classic brooch comes from the Cambridge emerald suite. The piece features a round cabochon emerald set in a double cluster of diamonds, with one of the emerald drops from the suite suspended as a pendant. The jewel can be worn with or without the pendant, and in recent years, the Queen has often chosen to wear the cluster portion alone.

JON HRUSA/AFP via Getty Images

This colorful floral brooch was a gift to the Queen from the Mayor of Colombo during her 1981 state visit to Sri Lanka. It's set with pink, blue, and yellow sapphires, as well as garnets, rubies and aquamarines. The Queen often wears it for occasions related to both Sri Lanka and the larger Commonwealth of Nations, including her 2007 state visit to Uganda.

Be sure to come back to vote for more brooches tomorrow morning -- and to marvel at our Nightly Necklace later on today!