24 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Vladimir vs Queen Mary's Fringe

Two classic Queen Mary tiaras face off it this morning's match-up...

Kieran Doherty - WPA Wire/Getty Images

The Vladimir Tiara vs. Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara

Kieran Doherty - WPA Wire/Getty Images

Classic design? Check! Multiple settings? Check! Incredible backstory? Definitely check! The Vlad's a top seed in this tournament for a reason -- it checks all the boxes! The Queen's been wearing it since 1953, and it's rightfully become one of her signature pieces.

In 1919, Queen Mary commissioned this classic diamond fringe tiara as a more modern, wearable alternative to the one worn by Queen Victoria. Since then, it's been worn by two subsequent queens and used twice as a royal wedding tiara. The Queen doesn't wear it often these days, but it remains one of the most identifiable tiaras in her collection.

Check back this afternoon for our second tip-off of the day!