18 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Kent Pearl Festoon vs Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau

This tiara match-up pairs a festive festoon with a sleek bandeau...

Owen Humphreys - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Kent Pearl Festoon Tiara vs. Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau

This gorgeous diamond and pearl festoon tiara originally belonged to an ultra-glamorous British royal: Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The balanced, classic tiara has always featured pearl toppers, and now it also has an extra row of pearls at the base. Not surprisingly, it's been worn by all three of the next generation of Kent ladies as well.

Owen Humphreys - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Mary commissioned this tiara in the 1930s to showcase one of her wedding gifts, the County of Lincoln Brooch. Hidden away for years, it skyrocketed back in the spotlight when the Duchess of Sussex chose it as her bridal tiara. Sleek, modern, and wearable: could this tiara go far in our tournament?

Our next tiara tournament game will tip off at midnight CDT!