19 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Iveagh vs Ogilvy

A classic kokoshnik squares off against a diamond floral sparkler...

Stefan Rousseau/PA Images/Alamy, Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

The Iveagh Tiara vs. The Ogilvy Tiara

Stefan Rousseau/PA Images/Alamy

This fantastic diamond kokoshnik was Queen Mary's wedding present from Lord and Lady Iveagh in 1893. She passed the lacy tiara along to her daughter-in-law, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, and it's now worn by the current Duchess. It also made a fantastic wedding tiara for Lady Rose Gilman. (I'm biased -- this might be my favorite tiara!)

Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

Sir Angus Ogilvy commissioned this diamond floral sparkler for his new wife, Princess Alexandra of Kent, in the early 1960s. Collingwood made the tiara using a set of diamond flowers that have interchangeable center stones, allowing the tiara to be worn in pearl, sapphire, or turquoise settings. Love a versatile tiara!

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