30 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Girls of Great Britain and Ireland vs Lotus Flower

Our first match-up of round three tips off right now!

Wikimedia Commons, Joop van Bilsen/Anefo/Nationaal Archief/Wikimedia Commons

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara vs. The Lotus Flower Tiara

Wikimedia Commons

This balanced, classic tiara is the overall number one seed in our tournament. Given by a committee of women to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893, the diamond tiara has a rich history as well as a beautiful design, making it a perennial favorite for tiara lovers.

Joop van Bilsen/Anefo/Nationaal Archief/Wikimedia Commons

This charming diamond and pearl tiara, made in the 1920s, originally belonged to the Queen Mother. It later became one of Princess Margaret's signature pieces, and now it's worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Its delicate design and gorgeous Egyptian-inspired motifs make it a major contender for a title.

Our next Tiara Tournament post will be up bright and early Tuesday morning! In the meantime, I've got two more bejeweled treats coming your way later today...