23 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Girls of Great Britain and Ireland vs Queen Mary's Honeysuckle

Time for our round two tip-off, featuring two tiaras from Queen Mary's jewelry box...

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara vs. Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This balanced, classic tiara is the overall number one seed in our tournament. Given by a committee of women to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893, the diamond tiara has a rich history as well as a beautiful design, making it a perennial favorite for tiara lovers.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This diamond honeysuckle tiara, which can be worn with a set of interchangeable center stones, was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1914. She gave the tiara to her daughter-in-law, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, as a wedding present in 1935. Today, it's worn by Alice's daughter-in-law, the present Duchess of Gloucester.

Our second and final match-up of the day is coming your way at noon CDT!