29 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: The Elite Eight!

The votes are in -- here are the results of the second round of the Tiara Tournament!

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The overall number one seed triumphed again, but this time the contest was a whole lot closer! The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara won with 67.72% of the vote, but Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara commanded a respectable 32.28%.

Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images, Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

In this battle between a pair of romantic sparklers, Princess Anne's Festoon Tiara won over 37.04% of you, but the Lotus Flower Tiara claimed victory with 62.96% of the vote (becoming the only #3 seed to advance to the third round!).

Kieran Doherty - WPA Wire/Getty Images

Two of Queen Mary's tiaras faced off in this contest! The Vladimir Tiara prevailed with 72.83% of the vote to Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara's 27.17%.

Fiona Hanson/PA Images/Alamy, Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This was a close one! The glittering Cartier Indian Tiara was a favorite of 40.44% of you, but it was the Queen Mary's Lover's Knot Tiara that won the round, taking 59.56% of the vote!

DSK/AFP via Getty Images, JONATHAN BRADY/AFP via Getty Images

This contest was a diamond showdown! While Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau captured 32.49% of the vote, Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik won the day with 67.51%.

David Cairns/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP via Getty Images

Sleek diamond sparklers squared off in this match-up. The Iveagh Tiara prevailed, bringing in 63.59% of the vote, while Princess Andrew's Meander Bandeau remained a favorite with 36.41% of you.

Michael Stroud/Express/Getty Images, Terry Disney/Express/Getty Images

Queen Mum vs. Queen Mum! In this contest between her signature diadems, the Oriental Circlet was favored by 43.95% of you, but the Greville Tiara won with 56.05% of the vote.

Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images

In our final contest of round two, colorful stones faced off! In the biggest runaway victory of the round, The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik won 73.98% of the vote, while Queen Mary's Russian Bandeau brought in 26.02%.

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Here's your Elite Eight bracket, magpies! Get excited: we'll have a Tiara Tournament match-up every morning for the next four days, along with extra bonus posts, too! Which match-ups are you looking forward to most of all?