16 March 2020

One Sparkling Moment: The Tiara Tournament!

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

It's been an interesting few weeks around the world, to say the very least. As we all hunker down to try to flatten the COVID-19 curve, I'm excited to be able to continue to bring a little happy sparkle to all our days. But because many of the royals are also taking precautions and canceling events, the daily content here at The Court Jeweller will also be a little bit different over the next few weeks...

Those of you who know me in real life know that I'm a big sports fan, and the March Madness basketball tournament is one of my favorite annual events. Since there won't be basketball brackets to fill out this year, I've got a bit of a sparkling surprise: a Tiara Tournament!

Our tournament's top seeds: The Vladimir, Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Greville (DAVE CHAN/AFP via Getty Images, ARTHUR EDWARDS/AFP via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

I'm not the first one to run one of these tourneys -- our pals over at Luxarazzi did one years ago, and the ladies at GFY put on their spectacular Fug Madness festivities every March -- but I'm hoping this will provide us a little extra fun while we wait for the royals to resume regular service.

Click for a larger version of the tournament bracket!

So, for the next few weeks, we're going to be enjoying some head-to-head match-ups featuring the most sparkling British royal tiaras! (We're sticking with the Brits this time, though if we have enough fun, we may expand the field to include other collections next year!) Here's how it will work: every day, you'll get to vote for several of your favorite tiaras in individual matches, and we'll eventually end up with a battle between our top two contenders!

The tournament features 32 tiaras presently owned by members of the British royal family, all ranked and ready to compete for the top spot. Which British royal tiara will take the title? Will we see a Cinderella emerge in this Big Dance? I can't wait to see your votes to crown our champion! The first match-up will be posted in a few hours...

While you wait for tip-off, tell me: which tiara do you think will be our tournament champion?