03 March 2020

Crown Princess Mary's Aquamarines

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

March's birthstone, the gorgeous aquamarine, is a flattering and versatile stone. Nearly everyone looks good wearing aquamarine jewels! And Crown Princess Mary, who has a small personal collection of aquamarine pieces, is no exception.

Mary wears the girandole earrings and the choker necklace in Australia, March 2005 (ALAN PORRITT/AFP via Getty Images)

Mary began wearing her aquamarine jewels even before her wedding to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in May 2004. She owns several pieces, including an impressive choker necklace, a pair of drop earrings, and a pair of girandoles.

Mary wears the drop earrings and the choker necklace to celebrate the 60th birthday of the King of Sweden, April 2006 (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

She often wears the aquamarines with her diamond wedding tiara. I don't think that the provenance of these pieces has ever been confirmed, but everything I've read suggests that the drop earrings and the choker necklace were a gift from Crown Prince Frederik, possibly an engagement present.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Here's a close up of the drop earrings, which shows the diamond accents more clearly.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And here's a closer look at the pearl choker necklace. The aquamarine clasp of the choker features a frame with gemstones of a deeper blue hue, perhaps sapphires. The darker blue stones are also set as spacers within the strands of pearls.

Mary wears the girandoles and the choker necklace during the Greek state visit, May 2009 (KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images)

She has frequently worn the girandoles, which she's also had since the beginning of her marriage, with the choker necklace.


Mary wore the girandole earrings for a photoshoot at the start of her marriage, showcased here on the cover of an Australian women's magazine in February 2005.

Mary wears the girandoles for the American-Scandinavian Foundation Dinner in New York, March 2009 (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

She has often used the girandoles on their own as well. They're substantial enough to make a statement without other pieces of coordinating jewelry.

Mary wears the girandoles at the Bambi Awards in Berlin, November 2014 (Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images)

One of my favorite outings for the girandoles came in 2014, when Mary paired them with a midnight blue gown with an asymmetrical neckline.

Mary visits the Portrait Gallery in Canberra, November 2011 (LUKAS COCH/AFP via Getty Images)

The girandole earrings are even showcased in a portrait of Mary painted by Chinese artist Jia wei Shen. The painting hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, the capital of Mary's native Australia.

Mary wears the stud earrings in Hamburg, February 2006 (Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

Mary's aquamarine collection also features a few other pieces. She wore these simple, classic aquamarine stud earrings during a visit to Germany in 2006.

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She also owns an impressive aquamarine and diamond cocktail ring.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

I'm a big fan of Mary's aquamarines, and I only wish she had a tiara to go along with them. What kind of sparkler would you like to see added to this married parure?

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