16 July 2019

TCJ Book Club Pick: Massie's CATHERINE THE GREAT

Get excited, magpies: our July/August selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club is...

Image: The Court Jeweller

Peter III and Catherine II of Russia (Wikimedia Commons)

Massie's book is a completely fascinating biography of a completely fascinating royal woman. Catherine's life has become the stuff of legend, but Massie capably transports the reader back to the world of the eighteenth century, breathing life into Catherine's journey from a small German principality to the throne of imperial Russia.

Portrait of Empress Catherine II (Wikimedia Commons)

The biography is lengthy, but it's very accessible, and I think both those who are familiar with the subject and those who are reading about the empress for the first time will find things to enjoy within the text. Massie is a master of his genre, and the book is an absolute joy to read.

Image: The Court Jeweller

We'll be discussing the book in September, so you've got plenty of time to grab a copy and get lost in the world of Catherine's imperial court! Copies are available at Amazon (and other retailers), and there should be plenty to be found in the second-hand market, too!

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