04 March 2019

TCJ Book Club Pick: Lucy Worsley's QUEEN VICTORIA

It's time for the announcement of our March/April book club selection! This time around, we'll be reading...

Image: The Court Jeweller

Image: The Court Jeweller

With the Victoria television series reaching new heights of historical disbelief this season, I decided to stop writing recaps and instead enjoy some genuine history about her life! I've really enjoyed Worsley's exploration of some of the most significant days in Queen Victoria's life, from the familiar (her accession, her wedding, Albert's death) to some lesser-known dates (her parents' wedding, Christmas 1850, Bertie's illness at Sandringham). Worsley is as engaging in print as she is on television, and the book is a joy.

We'll be discussing Queen Victoria at the beginning of May, so you've got several weeks to savor the book. Grab a copy from Amazon.com (or from many other retailers) and enjoy!

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