09 January 2019

TCJ Book Club Discussion: BEHIND THE THRONE

Image: The Court Jeweller

Get excited: it's finally time to discuss our November/December selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club, Adrian Tinniswood's Behind the Throne!

Image: The Court Jeweller

Tinniswood's book is a fascinating look at the history of the people who have kept the British monarchy running behind the scenes for more than half a millenium. From the Tudor court of Elizabeth I to the present-day household of Elizabeth II, the book charts the cost of maintaining the monarchy, the role of courtiers, and the fascinating lives of the people of the royal household.

Winston Churchill and Tommy Lascelles attend a Royal Academy banquet held at Burlington House in London, April 1949 (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

I especially loved the way that the book delved into the domestic stories that are often overshadowed in other royal histories. The world of the late Prince Henry, doomed elder brother of Charles I, was a fascinating set piece; so was the dramatic fracturing of the royal households during the Glorious Revolution. Plenty of intriguing historical figures populate the pages of this extensive history, from Tommy Lascelles and Abdul Karim to Sarah Churchill and Christopher Wren. (Don't miss the bit that reveals that Princess Margaret once told her driver to run down Tommy Lascelles with her car!)

Image: The Court Jeweller

I'm excited to hear all of your thoughts on the book, especially the sections you enjoyed and those that you found less compelling. What were the high and low points of the book for you? Which sections kept you on the edge of your seat? (Remember that you might want to leave separate comments on separate topics, as our spam filter -- which has taken a beating lately -- gets extra cranky about super-long comments!)

Our discussion of the book continues below in the comments! Stay tuned later this morning for the big reveal of our next selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club!