30 December 2018

The Best Royal Jewels of 2018: #4 (Wedding Tiaras in Germany)

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DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

A glittering gathering in Germany that brought out multiple important historic tiaras nabs the fourth spot on our countdown...

#4: Wedding Tiaras in Germany

DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

Duchess Sophie of Wurttemberg, granddaughter of the current head of the House of Wurttemberg, married Count Maximilian d'Andigne in October. She wore the family's traditional diamond wedding tiara for the occasion.

At the wedding ball, Sophie's relatives raided their vaults for some serious heirloom bling. Thanks to Vincent Meylan's Instagram account, we got a few peeks at the jewels! Sophie's mother, Duchess Marie Caroline of Wurttemberg (born Duchess Marie Caroline in Bavaria), wore a brilliant diamond and ruby parure that has been in the Wurttemberg family since the turn of the twentieth century. It was made by Kochert, the Austrian-based court jeweler of the Habsburgs.

But even more thrilling, another of Sophie's aunts, Duchess Mathilde of Wurttemberg, arrived for the ball wearing the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara! It's been years since this tiara (which inspired the famous copy now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge) was worn in public. It is presently owned by the Waldburg-Zeil family. You can read much more about the tiara in our post on its reappearance over here!