29 October 2018

The Japanese Tiarapedia Is Here!

The Meiji Tiara (AFP/Getty Images)

The wedding day of an imperial princess seems like a good time to debut a section of the Tiarapedia devoted to Japanese tiaras, doesn't it? To celebrate Princess Ayako of Takamado's nuptials, we're bringing you a look at the family's sparklers.

Princess Kako's Tiara (TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

The Tiarapedia began in 2008 as a project devoted to collecting and sharing information about the provenance and ownership of royal tiaras from around the world. A decade on, we're presenting an updated and expanded version of the project.

The Takamado Diamond Bandeau (HENRIK MONTGOMERY/AFP/Getty Images)

Today's new section focuses on the tiaras worn by the imperial women of Japan. From nineteenth-century heirlooms to twenty-first-century creations, the family's tiara collection is truly fascinating -- including the tiara that Princess Ayako wore for the last time this weekend.

The Japanese Crown Princely Wedding Tiara (AFP/Getty Images)

A new, updated section of the Tiarapedia will be added to The Court Jeweller every week this autumn. Today, be sure to stop by the section on Japan's tiaras, and enjoy a bit of imperial glitter!

Japan's imperial jewels are restricted by established IHA rules. If those rules could be relaxed, what types of tiaras would you like to see added to the collection?