30 October 2018

TCJ Book Club Pick: Adrian Tinniswood's BEHIND THE THRONE

Get excited, magpies! Our next selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club is...

Image by The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce!

Adrian Tinniswood's Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the British Royal Household! The book is a fascinating look at the people and systems that have kept the monarchy running from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I up until today. From the Lord Chamberlain to the equerry to the maids and footmen, Tinniswood traces the fascinating, evolving history of the people who were responsible for working behind the scenes to support and enhance the British monarch. It is a completely compelling look at both the upstairs and downstairs workings of the royal household.

Image by The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce!

We changed our reading schedule last go-around to accommodate more of you who wanted to participate, and we're going to continue with that schedule going forward. You get a little extra holiday bonus time to finish this book, too! Our discussion of Behind the Throne will happen here at The Court Jeweller on January 2, 2019.

Behind the Throne is currently available via Amazon (and many other retailers!) in both a hardback edition and an electronic version. Grab a copy, dig in, and we'll meet back here after the holidays to discuss this fascinating book!

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