15 October 2018

Liechtenstein's Tiarapedia Has Landed!

Hereditary Princess Sophie wears the Habsburg Fringe Tiara in Amsterdam, April 2003 (Michel Porro/Getty Images)

Our Tiarapedia renovation process has arrived at one of the tiniest principalities in the world: Liechtenstein, a nation with only a few tiaras -- but they're good ones!

Hereditary Princess Sophie wears the Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara at a pre-wedding gala for her sister, Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, in Munich, September 2004 (Image licensed to The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce!)

The Tiarapedia originally launched in 2008 as a project dedicated to collection information about the provenance and ownership of royal tiaras from around the world. A decade later, the project's mission is the same, but I've been slowly overhauling and relaunching each section here at The Court Jeweller.

The section dedicated to the tiaras that belong to Liechtenstein's princely family debuts today. (Note that some of the ladies of the family come from other royal families and have worn/continue to wear tiaras from those family collections; this section covers only the tiaras that currently belong to the princely family.)

Hereditary Princess Sophie wears the Habsburg Fringe Tiara in Denmark, 2018 (screencapture)

I'm launching a newly-renovated section of the Tiarapedia each week this year, so stay tuned next week for yet another sparkly surprise! In the meantime, though, go and learn a little about the tiaras worn by the women of one of the tiniest -- but wealthiest -- nations in the world.

If you could add one new tiara to the princely collection in Liechtenstein, what would it look like?