10 September 2018

The Spanish Tiarapedia Is Live!


The Tiarapedia is growing again! Today we're debuting a section dedicated to the royal tiaras of Spain to the original online encyclopedia of tiaras.

Rogelio Pinate-Pool/Getty Images

Since its debut in 2008, the Tiarapedia has been one of the most popular parts of my royal writing. This new version of the concept features updated entries on tiaras worn by today's royals, including provenance information, careful tracing of ownership, and links to longer articles that feature images of the diadems discussed.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Thanks to careful inheritance planning, and some strategic reacquisition, Spanish royal family has managed to keep a surprisingly robust collection of tiaras intact, even following two centuries punctuated by upheaval and exile. In our newest section of the Tiarapedia, you can learn more about the tiaras worn by Queen Letizia and the rest of the royal ladies of Spain.

Jose Luis Cuesta - Pool/Getty Images

I'm continuing to build the updated and improved Tiarapedia, and new sections are being debuted every week! In the meantime, make sure you dig in to the glitter of royal Spain!

If you could add a new tiara to the Spanish royal collection, what would it look like?