24 August 2018

This Fortnight in Royal Jewels: August 10-23

August 10-23, 2018

Summer means that most royal ladies are on holiday, but we've still got a selection of jewels from the past two weeks to enjoy. Don't forget to vote for your favorites in the poll below!

Michael Campanella/Getty Images

10. Princess Sofia of Sweden wore slender hoop earrings and delicate bracelets on August 23 for the inauguration of Prince Alexander's viewpoint at the Nynas Nature Reserve in Gisesjon.


9. Classic hoop earrings were also Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's choice for Princess Estelle's first day of school in Stockholm on August 21.


8. To honor the memory of the victims of last year's terror attack in Barcelona on August 17, Queen Letizia of Spain wore simple, low-key jewels: her Chanel star stud earrings.


7. On August 23, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wisely selected simple stud earrings to accessorize the lovely traditional local attire during an official visit to the Faroe Islands.

6. On August 23, Empress Michiko of Japan wore a striking pendant necklace as she visited the Ohinata settlement in Karuizawa.

Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

5. On August 10, the Princess Takamado wore golden jewels as she visited the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba during the women's softball world championships. (More over here!)


4. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark wore daisy pieces and personal jewels during her annual photocall at the Chateau de Cayx on August 16. (Much more here!)

3. Crown Princess Masako of Japan wore a coordinating earring and necklace suite to walk on Mitsuihama Beach in Shimoda on August 16.


2. Ashi Dorji Wangmo, the Royal Queen Mother of Bhutan, wore gorgeous beaded jewelry for the inauguration of the Mountain Echos festival at the Royal University of Bhutan in Thimbhu on August 23.

1. Empress Michiko wore pearls and a gorgeous gold and pearl brooch to attend a reception for the International Academy for Production Engineering General Assembly at the University of Tokyo on August 20.