30 August 2018

TCJ Book Club Discussion: Janice Hadlow's A Royal Experiment

Image: The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce

August has nearly come to a close, which means it's time once again to discuss our latest selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club: Janice Hadlow's A Royal Experiment.

Image: The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce

Hadlow's book is a fascinating exploration of the House of Hanover, the royal dynasty that reigned in Britain from 1714 until 1901. The major focus of the book is the life, marriage, and family of King George III, a royal figure who has been written about endlessly for the past two centuries.

The book covers a lot of material, so I'm going to provide questions to help focus our discussion in the comments. A request: please, please respond to each question in its specific comment thread, rather than consolidating all of your answers into one long comment. The spam filters have been pretty unhappy with lengthy comments of late, and I'd like our discussion to be able to move smoothly!

Stay tuned later today for our latest book club pick -- and for news on how I'm adjusting our reading schedule going forward, so more of you will be able to participate!