30 August 2018

New Details about Princess Marie's New Tiara!


Get excited, everyone -- we've got some new information about the sparkling tiara that Princess Marie of Denmark debuted this week!


The information comes to us courtesy HeavenLM, a blogger who focuses on Princess Marie's style. (You can visit her blog, Princess Marie's Closet, over here.) She's been hunting down details about the new tiara, and on Thursday, she reported that the Danish court had contacted her with extensive information, which she's kindly allowed me to share here. You'll want to visit her post directly to see a PR photo of the tiara.

The tiara is a new piece, made by a French firm, Maison Mauboussin. Princess Marie doesn't own the tiara, but it appears that she has a long-term loan agreement with them that allows her to wear it exclusively. (Similar to the loan agreements of the Midnight Tiara and Flora Danica Tiara, it seems.)


The piece's officially name is the Nuits Claires Tiara, a name reportedly chosen by Marie herself. It's made of white gold and set with 13.35 carats of diamonds and 13.35 carats of sapphires. The tiara's central stone is a pear-shaped Ceylon sapphire measuring 6.82 carats. Princess Marie collaborated with the jeweler on the tiara, which they describe as "a tribute to her adoptive country, Denmark." The piece was made in Paris.

The firm also loaned Marie the large diamond and sapphire ring that she wore during this week's French state banquet, which is made to match the tiara.