17 April 2018

Jewel History: May Announce Engagement of Royal Princess (1947)

"May Announce Engagement of Royal Princess"
(originally appeared in the Nanaimo Daily News, 16 Apr 1947) 

The Morning Citizen today said in a news-page story that it was "understood here on the highest authority" that the engagement of Princess Elizabeth, heiress presumptive to the British throne, to Lieut. Philip Mountbatten, formerly Prince Philip of Greece, will be announced next Monday on the Princess' 21st birthday.

"It is anticipated that the engagement announcement will be made by His Majesty the King himself from South Africa, possibly following a speech the Princess is to make on the occasion of her 21st birthday," the paper said. "The speech is to be relayed to the United Kingdom and it is anticipated that it may be heard throughout Canada as well." [1]


1. The highest authority was, in fact, misinformed! In April 1947, Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926) and the Duke of Edinburgh (b. 1921) were indeed unofficially engaged, but they didn't publicly announce their engagement until that July. Elizabeth's parents had asked the couple to wait until after her 21st birthday to announce their upcoming wedding, and Elizabeth and Philip reluctantly agreed. (I did a big post on Elizabeth's engagement jewels and the official announcement over here!)

...but I can say that this April, I have an official engagement announcement of my own! My wonderful boyfriend, Mark, proposed this weekend, and I happily accepted. Here we are, looking very happy shortly after he popped the question!

The ring is my perfect dream engagement ring: a simple, creamy gold band, set with an old European cut diamond. I love that the diamond is an antique stone, cut by hand more than a century ago! The ring was made by David Kodner, a talented jeweler in our hometown of St. Louis. (I'd highly recommend him to anyone in the area looking to make a jewelry purchase -- our experience has been fantastic!) We're planning to get married next year, and although I generally don't talk much about my real life on this blog, I'll be sure to let you in on a few sparkly moments from that experience!