29 November 2017

Markle Sparkle: Meghan's Opal Earrings

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

We've all (appropriately) been paying attention to the diamond engagement ring that Meghan Markle debuted at Kensington Palace on Monday, but the ring wasn't her only piece of jewelry at the photocall. Here's a look at the petite earrings that Meghan wore for the couple's big moment.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

So far, Meghan clearly favors small, streamlined pieces of jewelry set in yellow gold. (How heartwarming was it that Prince Harry knew in the interview that yellow gold was her favorite? I love a man who listens about jewelry.) For the engagement photocall and interview, Meghan chose stud earrings from a Canadian jewelry brand, Maison Birks.

Maison Birks

The earrings are made of 18-carat yellow gold and set with opals, a gorgeous gemstone that was the favorite of one of Harry's ancestors, Prince Albert. Several pieces of royal jewelry prominently feature opals. Some, though, have historically thought that opals were bad omens. Glad to see that Meghan isn't superstitious!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The "Plaisirs de Birks" earrings retail for $995. You can currently purchase them on the Maison Birks website. A coordinating pendant necklace is also available. It will be interesting to see whether Meghan is a "jewelry set" person like her new sister-in-law!