18 July 2017

Redesign It: The Delhi Durbar Tiara

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

I've got an interesting jewel challenge for you today, magpies. One of the tiaras that I left off of yesterday's top ten list (which you can read here) was the Delhi Durbar Tiara, which the Duchess of Cornwall has only worn once in public since the Queen loaned it to her in 2005.


Many have debated why Camilla only took this incredible royal heirloom out for a spin once. Lots of people have speculated that the tiara may be heavy and uncomfortable, which seems likely to me. It may also simply be difficult to wear. After all, the tiara has only been worn twice in public since 1947. (A detailed history of the tiara can be read over here!)

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

So what do you do with a theoretically wearable royal jewel that has incredible history but doesn't work well for modern wear? Queen Mary herself, who had this crown-like tiara made for the Delhi Durbar in 1911, made numerous changes to the piece while it was in her own collection, so changing the jewel is not without precedent.

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

What would you do with the Delhi Durbar? If you'd change it, what alterations would you make? Or would you send it straight to a museum display?