Jewels in Motion: The Spencer Tiara


While Lady Di was given the use of the Lover's Knot Tiara during her time as Princess of Wales, she often borrowed the most elegant of her own family's sparklers from her father for gala events. Today, let's have a look at the Spencer Tiara -- in motion!

(PS: the usual warnings apply -- some GIFs may include flash photography, and comments should not rehash old arguments. Focus on the glittering tiara, everybody!)

The tiara sparkles on Diana's wedding day

Another view of the tiara as Diana's bridal diadem

Diana wears the tiara at a state banquet for the Sultan of Oman, 1982

Diana wears the tiara at the State Opening of Parliament, 1984

A famous appearance in the tiara in Bonn, 1987

Diana wears the tiara in South Korea, 1992

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