16 July 2017

Jewels in Motion: Diana's Dancing Jewels

Diana dances at a gala in Chicago, June 1996 (JOHN BARTLEY/AFP/Getty Images)

Our celebration of the bejeweled life of Diana, Princess of Wales continues today with a look at jewels worn during one of her favorite activities: dancing. Enjoy these moving images, with the two usual caveats -- some of the GIFs may include flash photography, and no rehashing old arguments about the late princess's life in the comments!

March 1983: Charles and Diana lead the dancing at a charity ball during their visit to Sydney

For this dancing appearance, Diana wore her Collingwood pearl earrings (worn at this week's Spanish state banquet by the Duchess of Cambridge) and the King Faisal Necklace, a loan from the Queen

1985: I can't show you footage of Diana's famous dance with John Travolta at the White House, but I can show you other moments from the same dinner!

Diana famously wore the pearl choker with the enormous sapphire and diamond cluster clasp; the sapphire and diamond element (originally a brooch) was a wedding gift from the Queen Mother

October 1985: Diana and Charles dance at a charity ball during a visit to Melbourne

Diana famously wore Queen Mary's emerald choker as a headband during this dance

January 1990: Diana dances with Mark Collins during a visit to a senior care center in London

For this dance, Diana is wearing clip-on pearl button earrings from Chanel