05 June 2017

The Queen Shines at Epsom Derby


Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom beamed with happiness this weekend at Saturday's Epsom Derby. On her sunny yellow coat, she wore a newer brooch that has quickly become a staple: her Peranakan-style Birds of Paradise Brooch.

Warren Little/Getty Images

The gold and diamond brooch was a Diamond Jubilee gift to the Queen from government of Singapore in 2012. It was made by Singapore-based jeweler Thomis Kwan. The brooch wasn't a commission; it was a stock item from Kwan's firm, made of yellow gold and set with 61 diamonds. An official from the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs purchased the brooch from Kwan's store, but he didn't learn until later that the piece was destined for the Queen's jewelry box.

Warren Little/Getty Images

The brooch is so detailed that it's difficult to capture its nuances in candid photographs -- especially during the daylight hours when the Queen most often wears it -- but this image gives you an idea of how intricate the piece really is.