10 May 2017

Norwegian Royal Birthday Gala Jewels (Part 2)


It may have been raining in Oslo this evening, but Europe's royals turned out in bejeweled black-tie splendor for King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway's birthday gala. Here's a look at some of the pieces they wore! (If you missed the first part of our post, head over here!)

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians wore her glamorous diamond fringe earrings for the gala.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

We also got a good view of her sapphire and diamond ring.

Mathilde also wore one of her diamond bracelets.

And her midnight blue gown was a sparkling statement on its own.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands chose diamonds and sapphires for the second day in a row.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

The large diamond and sapphire ribbon brooch at her waist was the star of her outfit.

She wore my favorite Dutch royal necklace, the Diamond Trellis Necklace, in its sapphire setting. (It can also be worn in other configurations, including all-diamond and diamond-and-pearl settings.) On her wrists, she wore three diamond bracelets: her wedding bracelet, her family initial bracelet, and one of the East Indies bracelets.

Maxima's gorgeous navy and gold gown is another of my favorites from her wardrobe.

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands was very covered-up as she arrived at the Opera House, but I believe we've got pearls here, plus earrings set with diamonds and amethysts.

Princess Mabel wore a pair of modern earrings with black and white gemstones.

The earrings went well with Mabel's black gown, with its reverse polka-dot design. I also spy a diamond bracelet on her right wrist.

And this is here just because I think their mother/daughter-in-law relationship is lovely.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg dug into the family's collection of heirloom emerald and diamond jewelry for the gala, including the classic choker necklace.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

One of the Deco-style emerald and diamond bracelets adorned her left wrist.

Maria Teresa's green gown featured a beautiful sheer train; unfortunately, the fabric suffered a bit in the damp weather.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg wore pieces from the family's grand aquamarine parure.

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

The bracelet, which she wore on her left wrist, shares design elements with the parure's bandeau.

Here's a look at Stephanie's entire ensemble.

Queen Sofia of Spain kept most of her jewelry literally under wraps, but I spot golden earrings. Her dress is also sparkles quite a lot all on its own.

The Countess of Wessex wore gem-set earrings with a matching ring. According to the expert on Sophie's attire, Anna, the set includes a matching necklace, but the maker has not been identified.

The metallic threads embroidered on Sophie's gown also provided a bit of extra glitter.

Queen Anne Marie offered up a bit of a jeweled surprise, pairing earrings from the family's emerald parure with a pearl bracelet and necklace.

Her daughter-in-law, Princess Marie-Chantal, wore a pair of elaborate statement earrings. (I believe these are by JAR.) She also wore a large pearl bracelet.

Her busy gown didn't require much in the way of accessories!

Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark wore small sparkling earrings with her white ensemble.

She kept the look simple, wearing no jewelry that pulled focus from her lacy bodice.

Which gala jewels were your favorites?