07 May 2017

Jewels in Motion: Queen Maxima's Wedding Jewels

Sion Touhig/Getty Images

This week, we featured the wedding tiara and ensemble of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, which is currently on display at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. But that wedding attire is nothing without the radiant bride who wore it, so today, we're marveling at moving images of the jewelry worn by Maxima on her wedding day in 2002. Enjoy!

Maxima on her arrival at the Nieuwe Kirk in Amsterdam

Willem-Alexander and Maxima sing a hymn during the wedding ceremony

Maxima's diamond bracelet is front and center during the vows

The couple beams as cheers from the crowd outside ring through the church

Maxima smiles gently during the ceremony

Maxima grins at Willem-Alexander during his vows

Maxima's earrings tremble slightly during a moment of prayer

Maxima's bracelet and rings are visible as Willem-Alexander holds her hand

Maxima, whose parents could not attend the wedding for political reasons, wipes away tears as a musician plays an Argentine tango

Maxima's tiara is visible as the couple is blessed by the officiant

Willem-Alexander and Maxima share a kiss on the balcony

The couple waves to the crowd from the balcony