31 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Alia's Cartier Tiara


Queen Rania wears Queen Alia's Cartier Tiara (borrowed from her sister-in-law, Princess Haya) at a gala dinner in Madrid, October 1999

This Week in (Evening) Royal Jewels: March 24-30

March 24-30, 2017

Time for the sparklier half of this week's royal jewel roundup, everybody! If you missed it, scroll back to find our earlier rundown of this week's daytime jewels. And don't forget to vote in both polls!

Neil Hall - WPA Pool/Getty Images

10. The Duchess of Cambridge wore new statement earrings from Kiki McDonough at the National Portrait Gallery in London on Tuesday evening. (Close-ups and more info over here!)

This Week in (Daytime) Royal Jewels: March 24-30

March 24-30, 2017

It's a two state-visit week, everybody, which can only mean one thing: we've got two weekly jewel roundups today! This is a rundown of the best daytime jewels we saw this week; in a few hours, I'll post a second roundup featuring tiaras and other evening jewels. Don't forget to vote in both polls!

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

10. Queen Letizia of Spain chose her Tous freshwater pearl drop earrings for audiences at Zarzuela Palace on Tuesday.

30 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Princess Muna's Fringe Tiara

AFP/Getty Images

Princess Muna of Jordan (born Antoinette "Toni" Gardner) wears a fringe tiara at the Elysee Palace in Paris during a state visit to France, November 1964

The Karl Johan Earrings

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

We recently talked about one of the oldest pairs of diamond earrings in the Swedish royal collection, the Vasa Earrings. Today, we're looking at their little sisters: the Karl Johan Earrings.

29 March 2017

Danish/Belgian State Visit: Return Dinner


One more glamorous event from this week's Belgian state visit to Denmark: the return dinner. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde threw a black-tie dinner for their Danish counterparts at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen this evening -- here's a look at the jewels they wore.

Danish/Belgian State Visit: Touring Copenhagen


Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark escorted King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians around Copenhagen today on the second day of the Danish-Belgian state visit. Here's a look at the jewels worn by the royal ladies.

The Daily Diadem: Queen Rania's Diamond Tiara


Queen Rania of Jordan wears her diamond tiara during a state banquet at Windsor Castle, November 2001

28 March 2017

New Earrings for Kate at the National Portrait Gallery

Neil Hall - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge was out on the town on Tuesday evening, attending the annual fundraising gala at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Danish/Belgian State Visit: State Banquet

Time for some state visit glitter, everyone! Tonight's Belgian state banquet in Denmark was a rare example of a royal/royal state dinner event, and we've got some significant tiaras on display. And, as an extra treat: they're in motion! (Warning: some of these gifs feature flash photography.)

Danish/Belgian State Visit: Welcome Ceremonies


King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians are currently on a state visit to Denmark. These royal/royal state visits are some of the sparkliest ones around, and this one didn't disappoint. Let's start off with a look at the official arrivals.

Dutch/Argentine State Visit Jewels: Museum Visit


The second day of the Argentine state visit to the Netherlands included statement earrings, famous paintings, and a very embellished coat.

The Daily Diadem: Princess Rym's Tiara


Princess Rym Ali of Jordan wears a tiara made of yellow gold and diamonds at a 60th birthday gala for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, April 2006

Mette-Marit Sparkles in the Ice Lake Forest

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway made a trip to the Ice Lake forest in Bjerke District of Oslo on Monday, and Mette-Marit brought a pair of very sparkly earrings along with her.

27 March 2017

Dutch/Argentine State Visit Jewels: State Banquet


Many were expecting Queen Maxima to bring out some major diamond wattage for tonight's Argentine state banquet in Amsterdam, and she didn't disappoint!

The Daily Diadem: Queen Dina's Wedding Tiara

AFP/Getty Images

Queen Dina, the first wife of King Hussein of Jordan, wears a tiara on their wedding day, April 1955

Dutch/Argentine State Visit Jewels: Welcome Ceremonies


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima welcomed President Mauricio Macri and First Lady Juliana Awada of Argentina to the Netherlands for the start of a state visit on Monday morning. Here's a look at the jewels worn for the welcome events.

Jewel History: Clara Huntington's Clever Coup (1910)

Clara Prentice Huntington, the American-born heiress who became Princess Clara von Hatzfeldt

"Clara Huntington's Clever Coup"
(originally appeared in the Oakland Tribune, 8 Jan 1910)

The American colony in London is very much elated over Princess Hatzfeldt's [1] clever capture last week of the famous aquamarine necklace belonging to Miss Hartmann [2]. The necklace cuts a brilliant figure in the social history of Pall Mall.

It was one of the most attractive of the many superb jewels which King Edward [3] presented to Mrs. Hartmann in the halcyon days when he was Prince of Wales. In the summer solstice of her beauty and influence, Mrs. Hartmann became one of the wealthiest women in England. There was no question of her social supremacy, for the Prince took occasion to make her home the headquarters of the royal maneuvers of society.

26 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Diamond Diadem

Yui Mok - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom wears the Diamond Diadem at the State Opening of Parliament, May 2016

Jewels in Motion: Greek State Visit (1963)

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

In 1963, King Paul and Queen Friederike of the Hellenes made a state visit to Britain. Today, we're looking one of the most glittering events of the visit: a gala performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Aldwych Theatre on July 11, 1963. And, even better -- the jewels are sparkling in motion!

25 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Mary's Circlet

AFP/Getty Images

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears her diamond circlet (her coronation crown with the arches removed) at the coronation of her son, King George VI, May 1937

The Wessex Aquamarine Necklace Tiara

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

With its wave-like diamond pattern and its seafoam-colored central aquamarine, the Countess of Wessex’s most modern tiara is a striking piece. Even better: it's convertible!

24 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Napoleonic Amethyst Parure Tiara

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Queen Silvia of Sweden wears the Napoleonic Amethyst Parure Tiara at the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, May 2004

This Week in Royal Jewels: March 17-23

March 17-23, 2017

We had a late run of tiaras this week, so you've got plenty of choices! Don't forget to vote in the poll below! (Note: The jewels from the funeral of Prince Richard are not being ranked this week, but there were some lovely pieces worn; you can see them here.)


10. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands wore diamonds and sapphires on Wednesday for the opening of an exhibit dedicated to her always-amazing cake hats at the Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

23 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Maltese Circlet

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

Queen Sonja of Norway wears the bandeau base of the Maltese Circlet at the the American-Scandinavian Foundation Annual Gala in New York, October 2002

State Visit Tiaras in Norway


The Norwegian royal family welcomed the President and First Lady of Iceland to Oslo on Tuesday, and they brought out some big jewels for the occasion.

22 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Victoria's Regal Circlet

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wears her Regal Circlet in a portrait, ca.1850s. The circlet was made for her by Garrard; the diamonds were removed from the piece in the 1930s (to make the Queen Mother's new coronation crown), and its empty frame now resides in the Museum of London

Mourning Jewels: Funeral of Prince Richard

Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

The life of Prince Richard, head of the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and husband of Princess Benedikte of Denmark, was celebrated today in Bad Berleburg. Members from many royal families gathered to remember the late prince.

21 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Maud's Turquoise Circlet


Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner wears Queen Maud's Turquoise Circlet at a gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, June 2010

On the Block: The Pink Star Diamond


Four years after its most recent sale, the Pink Star Diamond will be auctioned once again at Sotheby's early next month.

20 March 2017

Busy Weekend for Princess Charlene

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Princess Charlene of Monaco didn't attend Saturday's Rose Ball, but for good reason: she had a very busy Saturday scheduled already. Here's a look at the jewels she wore during two Saturday engagements.

The Daily Diadem: The Oriental Circlet

Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (later the Queen Mother) wears the Oriental Circlet and the Crown Rubies in a portrait celebrating her silver wedding anniversary, 1948

Jewels in Motion: The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure

Stephen Hird/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Sometimes it's difficult to fully assess a set of royal jewelry from still photographs alone, because jewels sparkle and move in real life. Many people aren't big fans of Queen Elizabeth II's suite of gargantuan aquamarines -- do these moving images help change your mind at all, or no?

19 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Alexandra's Wedding Gift Tiara

Grand Ladies Site

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom (then Princess of Wales) wears the diamond tiara from her wedding gift parure in a portrait, ca. 1880s; the tiara was left to her daughter, Princess Victoria, and later "disposed of"

Rose Ball Jewels 2017


Monaco went Full Lagerfeld this evening for the annual Rose Ball, magpies. Here's a look at some of the glittering jewels on display!

18 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Ogilvy Tiara

Keystone/Getty Images

Princess Alexandra of Kent wears the Ogilvy Tiara to a ball at Windsor Castle held the night before her wedding to the Hon. Angus Ogilvy, 23 April 1963

Cambridge Visit to Paris: Jewels of Day 2

Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

The second day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Paris has begun, and we've got some new jewelry pieces to enjoy. Stay tuned to this post all day for updates on Kate's jewels during day two!

The Aquamarine Ribbon Tiara

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Most of the grand tiaras worn by members of the British royal family have long, carefully-documented histories. But then some, like this delicate diamond and aquamarine tiara, are a bit more enigmatic.

17 March 2017

Cambridge Visit to Paris: Jewels of Day 1

Ian Vogler - Pool/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on an official visit to Paris this weekend. Here's a look at the jewels Kate wore during Friday's events.

The Daily Diadem: Tsarina Alexandra's Pearl Tiara

Grand Ladies Site

Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia wears a pearl tiara in a portrait by Heinrich von Angeli, ca. 1896

St. Patrick's Day Jewels for Kate


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to arrive in Paris shortly for a two-day visit, but before heading out of Britain, they made a stop at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow to hand out shamrocks to the Irish Guards.

This Week in Royal Jewels: March 10-16

March 10-16, 2017

Time for the St. Patrick's Day edition of our weekly jewel roundup! Which lucky royal lady will win your vote in the jewelry poll below?

(And, PS: head back here later for the latest jewels from the Cambridge trip to Paris!)

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

10. Queen Letizia of Spain wore a delicate pair of earrings made of linked circles at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid on Tuesday.

16 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Princess Alexandra of Denmark (now Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg) wears the Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara at a pre-wedding dinner for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, May 2004

Princess Elizabeth Visits Paris (1948)

A few months after their marriage, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh made an official visit to Paris. It was Elizabeth's first trip outside the Commonwealth, and the press covered it extensively. Here's a look at some of the clothes and jewels that she wore on the four-day trip.

15 March 2017

The Daily Diadem: Grand Duchess Alexandra's Tiara

Grand Ladies Site

Grand Duchess Alexandra of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (born Princess Alexandra of Hanover) wears a large tiara topped with pear-shaped gemstones in a portrait, ca. 1903

State Visit Jewels: British Royal Visit to Paris (1938)

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make a two-day visit to Paris on Friday and Saturday, adding their names to a long list of British royals who have made official visits to France's capital city. Today and tomorrow, we'll be looking back at the clothes and jewels worn during a few memorable state and official visits to Paris. We're kicking things off with one of the most iconic French visits of them all: the state visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Paris and Versailles in 1938.