05 February 2017

45 of Mary's Best Jewels: 37-45

Crown Princess Mary attends the wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Happy 45th birthday to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark! The stylish future Danish queen wears lots of classic, interesting pieces of jewelry, and to celebrate her birthday, we're counting down 45 of my favorite pieces from her jewelry box. Enjoy, and come back each afternoon this week for more of the list!

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

45. Right-Hand Rings: Mary often wears this set of modern gold, gem-set rings from Ole Lynggaard on her right hand. Above, she wears the rings during a trip to Germany in May 2015.


44. Blue and Yellow Earrings: Mary wore this pair of modern earrings set with blue and yellow gemstones for a trip to a Lego workshop in Warsaw in May 2014.


43. Ali al Awassi Necklace: This lovely statement necklace, worn above at the Nordic Childrens Care Conference in August 2006, was made by Ali al Awassi.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

42. Ascot Pendant Earrings: Mary wore this pair of statement earrings with long, pale briolette drops to attend Royal Ascot in June 2016.

Dean Lewins - Pool /Getty Images

41. Dulong Hoop Earrings: Mary frequently wears this pair of elongated, diamond-studded golden hoop earrings from Dulong, either with or without pendants. Above, she wears them for a visit to the Sydney Opera House in October 2013.

Harold Cunningham/WireImage

40. Delicate, Gem-Studded Bracelets: On Mary's wrist, you can often spot stacks of bracelets, including gem-studded gold bracelets by Dulong and Shamballa. She wears the pieces above at the regional review meeting of the status of women in the UNECE region in Geneva in November 2014.


39. Colorful Statement Necklace: In Morocco, Mary wore this bright, colorful statement necklace at the Temara courthouse in September 2013.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

38. Round Pearl Stud Earrings: Mary's collection includes lots of pearl jewelry, including this classic pair of round pearl stud earrings. She wears them above at the National Memorial in Copenhagen in March 2012.


37. Ole Lynggaard Frost Earrings: Mary wore these delicate diamond leaf cluster earrings, the "Frost" design by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, at a fashion school in Tokyo in March 2015.

Stop by for more from Mary's jewelry box here tomorrow afternoon!