09 February 2017

45 of Mary's Best Jewels: 1-9

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Today wraps up our birthday countdown of the best jewels worn by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark! Let us know what your top ten pieces from her collection are in the comments below...

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9. The Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Pearl Choker Necklace: Mary has had this necklace in her collection since the early years of her marriage. It features a clasp set with a large aquamarine bordered by sapphires; additional sapphires are found within the strands of pearls. (Read more about Mary's collection of aquamarines over here!)


8. The Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring: Crown Prince Frederik presented Mary with a ruby and diamond engagement ring, echoing the colors of the Danish flag, when she accepted his proposal in 2003. Since then, two additional diamonds have been added to the ring. (Read more about it over here!)

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7. The Wedding Earrings: Marianne Dulong made these earrings for Mary to wear on her wedding day; they feature diamonds and South Sea pearls (very appropriate for a princess from Australia) set in platinum.

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6. The Wedding Tiara: Mary's parents-in-law, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, gave her this diamond tiara as a wedding present. The tiara can also be worn as a necklace, and more recently, she's updated it with a second setting that includes pearls. Above, she wears the tiara with her amethyst earrings during Margrethe's Ruby Jubilee in January 2012. (Read more about the tiara over here!)


5. The Diamond and Aquamarine Girandole Earrings: This classic pair of girandole earrings is made modern with the inclusion of bright blue aquamarines. Mary's worn this pair for years, and she accepted her Bambi Award in Germany wearing them in November 2014.

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4. The Midnight Parure: This suite of jewels, made by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, is on a long-term loan to Mary, who has the exclusive right to wear the pieces. The tiara, earrings, and brooch are made of diamond and moonstone "berries" nestled among leaves of rose gold, white gold, and oxidized silver. She wore the entire suite in June 2009 for Prince Henrik's 75th birthday celebrations. (Read more about the tiara over here!)


3. The Edwardian Tiara: Reportedly purchased by Mary at a Bruun Rasmussen auction, this century-old tiara is set with diamonds, rubies, and spinels. It can be taken off of its frame and worn as a necklace. Above, she wears the tiara in January 2017 for the Icelandic state banquet. (Read more over here!)

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2. The Connaught Sapphire Brooch: This heirloom brooch was Queen Margrethe's present to Mary after the birth of her first child, Prince Christian. The sapphire, diamond, and pearl brooch has been in the family for generations. She wore it for the christenings of three of her children; above, she wears it at the christening of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine in April 2011. (Read more over here!)

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1. The Danish Ruby Parure: There's just nothing better than the amazing parure of heirloom diamond and ruby jewelry that Mary wears. It was made for Desiree Clary (later Queen of Sweden) for the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, and after traveling through the Swedish and Danish royal families, it was bequeathed to Crown Prince Frederik by his grandmother, Queen Ingrid, for the use of his future spouse. Mary wore it beautifully in January 2012 during her mother-in-law's Ruby Jubilee. (Much more about the parure's history over here!)