26 December 2016

The Best Royal Jewels of 2016: #9 (Sofia's New Tiaras)


Our countdown of the best royal jewels of 2016 continues...

#9: Sofia's New Tiaras

(Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

During her first year as a member of Sweden's royal family, Princess Sofia only wore one tiara in public: the Emerald Palmette Tiara that she received as a wedding gift from her new parents-in-law. (More on the background of that tiara here!) But this December, she brought out not one but two new tiaras!


For the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet on December 10, Sofia wore the smaller cut-steel tiara, giving us an excellent look at the piece. Previously, this tiara had only been worn in public by her sister-in-law, Crown Princess Victoria. (You can see many more images of this tiara appearance in our post here!)


The next night, she made another tiara debut for the King's Dinner, given to honor the Nobel winners. She wore the Diamond Four-Button Tiara, which was made using antique diamond buttons from the family collection, for the reception. (More on this tiara appearance over here!)