27 December 2016

The Best Royal Jewels of 2016: #7 (Beatrice's Rose Ball Glitter)


We're up to number 7 in our countdown of the best royal jewels of 2016! (Catch up on previous entries on the list over here!)

#7: Beatrice's Rose Ball Glitter


When I make "best of" lists like this one, I often find myself drawn to pieces and appearances that were unexpected and surprising. Beatrice Borromeo's jewels from this year's Rose Ball definitely fit that bill. While so many members of Monaco's princely family stick with minimalist, modern jewels, Beatrice went in a completely different (and sparkling) direction this year.


Here's a look at the earrings she wore, which feature faceted pale green stones in an elaborate diamond setting.


And here's a look at that whopper of a diamond necklace, which is set with a darker green cabochon stone, probably an emerald. If only the rest of the Grimaldis would take a hint and bust out some of their antique pieces... (Here's a look at what everybody else wore to the ball this year!)