30 December 2016

The Best Royal Jewels of 2016: #2 (Mary's Edwardian Tiara)


We're in the homestretch of our year-in-review countdown, everybody! If you missed any previous posts, catch up over here...

#2: Mary's Edwardian Tiara

(Henning Bagger/AFP/Getty Images)

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark gave us one of the best gifts of all in 2016: a new tiara! Technically, this is a piece we'd seen before -- she wore it as a necklace in public for the first time in 2015.

(Bruun Rasmussen)

But she didn't wear the convertible piece on a tiara frame until March of this year. She selected the diamond, ruby, and spinel tiara for a banquet at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. The tiara is an antique, made during the Edwardian period -- hence the name I use for the tiara. (You can read all about the piece, including possibilities about its acquisition, over here!)


Mary wore the tiara for a second time during a state visit from Mexico, and she was photographed in it again for Vogue this summer. I just love a tiara debut!