21 December 2016

Jewels We Didn't See on The Crown

Replicas of the Vladimir Tiara and Queen Alexandra's Wedding Necklace on display at Liberty
[Photo courtesy of The Lady and the Rose]

We've spent a lot of time analyzing and assessing the jewelry shown on screen in Netflix's The Crown. (If you missed any of our recaps, head over here to catch up!) But -- as it turns out -- there were jewels made for or rented by the production that never showed up on screen!

A good friend of mine, the blogger behind The Lady and the Rose, recently visited the exhibition of costumes from the series at Liberty of London, and she's graciously allowed me to share a few photos with you. Get ready for a couple of jewelry head-scratchers!

A replica of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara displayed with a large necklace at Liberty
[Photo courtesy of The Lady and the Rose]

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara
Many of us have been wondering why we didn't see the GGBI on screen -- it's one of the Queen's favorite tiaras, she's had it since 1947, and it's a fairly easy design to replicate. Here, we see a version of the tiara included in the Liberty exhibit. (It's paired with the necklace that Princess Margaret wore during the ambassador reception scene.) It's ... not my favorite replica version. (Many of the replica jewels from the series were reportedly rented from Royal Exhibitions, although this looks different from their version of the GGBI.)

Replica of the Godman Necklace displayed at Liberty
[Photo courtesy of The Lady and the Rose]

The Godman Necklace
The Liberty exhibit featured a replica of one of my favorites of the Queen's necklaces: the lovely diamond and emerald Godman Necklace. This was a good omission, though, because the Queen did not own the necklace until 1965, a full ten years after the first season ends. This necklace replica appears to be from Royal Exhibitions.

Replica of the Cartier Halo Tiara displayed at Liberty
[Photo courtesy of The Lady and the Rose]

The Cartier Halo Tiara
Emma O’Loughlin, an assistant costume designer for the series, told Vulture in November that "copyright issues" prevented The Crown from showing the Cartier Halo, which was worn by Princess Margaret at the coronation. But the Liberty costume exhibit did feature a replica of the tiara. Still very disappointed that we didn't see this one on screen (and also disappointed that the production didn't choose a closer facsimile for Margaret's coronation tiara)!

Costume from The Crown, including a bow brooch, displayed at Liberty
[Photo courtesy of The Lady and the Rose]

If you've not read the post at The Lady and the Rose about the exhibition, be sure to head over here. There are lots more pictures of the clothes and jewels to enjoy. If you love period dramas and historical fashion, you're going to love her blog! I check her lists of upcoming period dramas constantly!

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