01 November 2016

Dutch Visit to Australia: Melbourne Cup Day

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at Ascot Racecourse in Perth (Photo: Richard Wainwright - Pool/Getty Images)

Wax 'n Max's visit to Australia continues today with a trip to Ascot Racecourse in Perth for Melbourne Cup Day. For those of you who were missing earrings yesterday, we've got a major pair on the docket today!

Photo: Richard Wainwright - Pool/Getty Images

Maxima wore one of my favorite dresses from her closet, pairing it with Queen Juliana's diamond and aquamarine drop earrings. She also wore a set of bracelets studded with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Photo: Richard Wainwright - Pool/Getty Images

This angle also lets you see the gorgeous pins that she used to secure her chapeau. One of them is set with a citrine, the other with a lighter stone -- but woe betide anyone who steps too close to the queen, with the sharp ends sticking out! Overall, though, I think these were excellent jewelry choices for a day at the races!