09 September 2016

This Fortnight in Royal Jewels: August 26-September 8

August 26-September 8, 2016

With summer easing its way into autumn, the royals are getting back into the swing of things. Here are ten of the best bejeweled appearances from the last two weeks -- be sure to vote for your favorites in the poll below!

Photo: Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images

10. The Duchess of Cornwall wore her favorite diamond and pearl earrings with a glittering diamond heart pendant for a visit to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on Wednesday.

Photo: MARKKU ULANDER/AFP/Getty Images

9. During the Norwegian state visit to Finland this week, Queen Sonja wore pearls and gold bangles for a concert on Wednesday.


8. Princess Mako of Akishino embarked on a visit to Paraguay this week; she wore pearls with a lovely abstract ribbon-shaped diamond brooch for her arrival on Wednesday.

Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Yelena Katchan

7. Here's a new exiled royal for us: Princess Alia al-Senussi, a member of the royal family that ruled Libya in the middle of the twentieth century. She wore diamond earrings, a large ring, and a statement cuff bracelet at a dinner in Chicago on Tuesday.

Photo: Massimo Valicchia/Getty Images News

6. At the canonization mass for Mother Teresa at the Vatican on Sunday, Queen Sofia of Spain exercised the privilege du blanc. She accessorized with her usual array of jewelry, including pearls, a necklace with a religious medallion pendant, a diamond floral brooch, various rings, bracelets, and a wristwatch.

Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

5. Queen Elizabeth II attended the annual Braemar Highland Games on Saturday wearing the same brooch she always wears for the event: the Braemar Feather Brooch. (Much more in our post from the event over here!)

Photo: Christian Alminana/Getty Images

4. Farah Pahlavi, the former empress of Iran, attended a dinner in Monaco on Tuesday. She wore mabe pearl earrings with a single-stranded pearl necklace, plus a delicate chain and pendant, a watch, and a stack of rings on her left hand.

Photo: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images

3. In Indonesia last week, Queen Maxima wore her beaded gemstone tassel earrings for a meeting with the country's president in Jakarta. (Here's our post on the event for more!)


2. An informal summit of German-speaking nations is currently being held in Belgium. At a dinner at Laeken Palace in Brussels, Queen Mathilde of the Belgians wore sculptural modern earrings with a lacy golden cuff bracelet.


1. No one else came close this week to the magnificent splendor of Queen Sonja of Norway at the Finnish state banquet, where she wore Queen Maud's Pearl Tiara. (More on that piece, plus her other jewels, in our post over here!)