24 August 2016

Kate in Sapphires in Luton

Kate wears sapphire and diamond earrings in Luton (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

For a series of engagements in Luton this morning, the Duchess of Cambridge pulled out a familiar pair of earrings from her jewelry box: her sapphire and diamond cluster drops.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Here's a good close-up of these much-worn earrings from today's visit to Youthscape. You can read much more about the earrings (and see many more images) in our post on the pair here.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate paired the earrings with a previously-worn dress from LK Bennett. Wearing familiar pieces meant that the focus on today's engagements was less about tracking down new fashion items and more about discussing the issues at hand, which included visits to a center devoted to supporting young people and to a children's hospice. Check out Kensington Palace's Twitter page for links and more info!